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Tartanware, a Scottish innovation, is a wooden item that was originally decorated by hand with tartan patterns.  In the 1840, William and Andrew Smith, one of the manufacturers of Mauchlineware invented a machine that was able to ink tartan patterns on paper.  The paper was cut and to cover the wooden objects.  According to some historians, Queen Victoria was responsible for the rapid expansion and interest in tartanware when she popularized “all things Scottish.”

According to Eureka Collectibles, Mauchlineware and Tartan Ware has its origins in the 1790s in Scotland.  Tartan ware became the more popular of the two designs.

Form more than 20 years,  Anne Charles Antiques has collected and been selling a variety of Tartan ware objects including covers for books, pencil boxes, book racks, thimble holders, napkin rings, whiskey glass holders, Go-to-Bed holders, snuff boxes, thread containers, whistles, tea caddies, chests of drawers.

Tartan Ware became a popular souvenir manufactured by a number of makers, and tartan objects became highly collectible antiques.  The inking machine that the Smith brothers invented in the 1840s was destroyed in a fire in 1930, and a new one was never constructed.

To see our current inventory of Tartan Ware  antiques follow the link.

Tartan Ware 4-sided box for sale, $225

Here are some of the Tartan ware items that Anne Charles Antiques has sold and looks for on buying trips to England.

Collection of Tartan Chests and a Tea Caddy recently sold on Anne Charles Antiques
Tartan Tea Caddy Recently Sold

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  1. Can you send me picutrues of any tatnware in stock. I am looking to purschjase 4-5 snall boxes and other tartan ware items. Thank you.

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